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caregiver training

Do you know an unpaid caregiver looking after a loved one with a life limiting illness in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville? The Practical Caregiver Training is back. It’s free and it’s virtual.  Join us for 5 weeks of training:

  • Advance Care Planning

  • Providing Personal Care

  • Lifts, Transfers and Body Mechanics

  • Medication Management,

  • Self Care, Dignity and Grief

  • What to Expect at the End of Life

  • Navigating the system and Communication

This is a peer-facilitated workshop led by a local team including a Caregiver, Palliative Care Nurse and Physiotherapist. 

This workshop series will be offered…..

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workshop schedule & calendar


Canadian Virtual Hospice

Canadian Virtual Hospice: This is an incredible virtual resource for anyone faced with death and dying; both for themselves and a loved one. Aside from the “Ask a Professional” option where some of Canada’s leading Hospice Palliative Care people answer your questions privately, there is a slew of resources for caregivers. They have caregiving videos that provide step-by-step instructions on common caregiving tasks. Examples of other resources on their website:


Preparing for a Home Death 

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and they wish/plan to die at home

After Death Care

Natural Burial - Elmwood Cemetery Perth

News Article >

Grief and Bereavement

Canadian Virtual Hospice Grief websites

Link to our page on grief and bereavement

Ann Silversides, a local author and healthcare journalist has done an audio series on grief.


Link to Finding Meaning and Purpose during a Health Crisis? [link to the actual source page/website] Who wrote this? Not sure we should include it. Needs to be vetted.


Link to great books [we can link to a page that has a full on listing and just include ones that have been meaningful to one of us and that we can provide a little blurb about… otherwise it will again be a list that is available elsewhere; would be good to have a list of ones that are available from our catchment area libraries - something to ask them; smiths falls, westport, portland, perth, lanark]


Ann Silversides would be happy to do book reviews. She is a local author journalist. Has done a series on grief.

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